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Cord sets serve as important components of daily communication both at home and in the office. Although we may not consciously notice them, there is no underestimating the value and practical applications cord sets bring to our lives. Given this, it is absolutely essential to have nothing less than a dependable, high-quality cord sets.

The Primary Function of Cord Sets

Cord sets directly connect equipment to the main electrical supply. A cord set is typically made of connectors that are securely molded to every end of the cord. For the sake of convenience, cord sets can be detached from the electrical equipment and power supply. Each one consists of a flexible cord set that has “male” and “female” connectors at the opposing ends. Also, the plug or connector can either be molded or hand-wired.

The first end of the cord is connected to a power plug, while the other end is normally a molded power receptacle. This setup is an effective safety precaution because it eliminates the possibility of exposing a live pin that can deliver an unpleasant electric shock. The male plug is connected to an electrical outlet, while the female connector is linked to an appliance.

Choosing the Right Cord Sets

Given our increasing dependence on electronics over the years, cord sets have become inevitable fixtures in our surroundings. You have definitely seen cord sets at home, in your workplace, in a factory, or a hospital.

With a wide range of cord set suppliers out there, you ought to be properly educated in selecting the sets that will work best with your appliances or equipment. Here are some practical and informative tips you should keep in mind when buying cord sets.

  • Select the correct cables set. The country that manufactured the cable sets is a critical element that you have to consider. Cables are designed based on the electrical equipment specifications of that particular country. Most of the time, cables manufactured by different countries are not interchangeable. For instance, a cable sets produced in Europe will most likely not function in an Asian household, and vice versa.
  • Select the correct power cords sets. The logic behind electric cables can be directly applied to plugs as well. There are various plug patterns across the globe, so choosing the correct one is necessary. This can be a tricky process, considering that plugs made in different countries may possess certain similarities. For example, North American and Japanese connectors tend to look alike, but each one lacks the required approval symbol of the other country—a distinction that can be easily missed. To further illustrate this, Chinese, Argentinian, and an Australian socket look deceptively similar to the untrained eye. However, there are a lot of subtle differences between these three.
  • Determine the rating. Cord sets have different ratings, and these are determined by the voltage and amperage. The amperage rating is an indicator of what plug pattern is needed, and this rule is applied to cord sets manufactured in the same country. You should be aware of the voltage and frequency requirements of your equipment because this will be your basis when shopping for a cord set.
  • Select the correct connector. Whenever you utilize cord sets, you should automatically get a connector that has a country-specific socket. Another option would be to buy an IEC 60320 connector because it is considered a globally applicable component. This connector is versatile and allows equipment to be used in different markets.

Purchase Top-of-the-Line Cord Sets

Now that you are armed with tips on selecting the correct cord sets, it is now time to make an investment that will last for years to come. With a multitude of options for you to choose from, you should go with an established brand that is highly respected in the industry. For instance, Autac has the most sizable inventory of cords in the market and distributes their products to various countries, including the United States and Canada. Buy some cord sets!

Autac: Providing Quality Cord Sets for Every Industry

The coiled cord, also known as the recoil extension cord, retractile cord, or curly cord, is one of mankind’s greatest inventions. Its spring-like shape allows it to extend further when in use and retract to take up less space when not in use. This flexible cord sets can be used for a variety of purposes. In fact, different fields like communications, electronics, robotics, medical, and more use the retractile cord set for their machinery. The applications of the coiled cord set are virtually limitless.

If you are looking for a high-quality retractile cord set, turn to Autac. We manufacture and produce a custom coiled cord set to meet various applications and specifications. Do you require a cord set that can match your industrial ice cream-making machines? We have it! Perhaps, you need curly cord sets that will be a good fit for your telecommunication cables sets assembly? We can have them made! No matter the power industry, our team can work with you to design a cord set that meets your industrial needs.

About Our Company

Robert N. Bunkle, our founder, strongly believes the philosophy “The customer comes first.” As such, he sought to create a company that values its customers and provides them with quality services and products. In 1947, he founded Autac and strived to implement this principle in his work. Thanks to his key value, the company flourished and prospered.

Nowadays, we are internationally recognized as the leading manufacturer of first-rate retractile cords. To this day, the Burkle family continues to run Autac the way our founder had intended, by valuing customers and establishing a “team management approach” to customer service.

Our motto is “Service Through Inventory.” We demonstrate this through our extensive on-hand industrial inventory of finished electric coiled cables power sets and straight bulk cables sets. Since we have a coiled cord set in stock for all needs, we can provide our customers with short lead times and a quick turnaround. When you urgently need a retractile cord set, we can deliver your order within a day.

Our Products

With more than 400 part numbers in stock, Autac boasts the world’s largest inventory of quality retractile cords. Our company produces coiled cords that come in a wide variety of gauge sizes, number of conductors, lengths, and colors. You may choose a retractile cord from our inventory or reach out to us to have a custom cord that meets your requirements and specifications. Here is a list of our leading cords:

  • Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) Power Cord
  • PVC Power Cord
  • PVC or Auta-Prene ® Communications and Electronic Control Cord
  • PVC or Auta-Prene ® Shielded Cord
  • Auta-Prene ® Test Leads
  • PVC Shielded Cord
  • PVC Miniature Cord
  • PVC Miniature Cord With Foil Shield
  • Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) Power Cord

Most stock items are available in four retracted lengths: 12”, 24”, 36”, and 48”. Each one is manufactured to meet UL/CSA specifications. Our conductors’ selection includes soft tinned copper and soft bare copper. You have the option to choose between unshielded or a shielded cord set. We also provide various insulation and jacketing materials, such as PVC, TPE, Polypropylene, Polyurethane, and Neoprene. Additionally, we offer ROJ jackets and strip conductors.

Order Cord Sets Today!

When you need a custom recoil extension cord set, get in touch with the professionals at Autac. Our team will work with you to create a coiled cord that meets your business needs. If your case is more urgent, you may also choose from our vast selection of curly cords in stock. We can give you speedy access to the stock items listed above. Learn more about our products by visiting our website.

Are you working on a project that may need a retractile cord set? Reach out to us today. We distribute suppliers leading cords in the United States, Canada, and other countries. Most orders can be shipped within one day. You may contact us through our phone number 203-481-3444 or our email



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